Sometimes I don’t want to awaken from my dreams because it’s so much better than reality.

Do something you love.

Work for a company you care about.

Work in something you’re passionate about.

That’s how you become excited to go to work every day. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this thing, but perhaps it’s time to bring it back. 

For the past year I think I’ve been feeling very lost, kinda like a boat at sea, unsure of which direction to go towards land. Reality is striking me and soon the real world will be upon us, yet I am still uncertain of the path I want to take. What if I was supposed to go to law school instead of business school? What if I don’t find a job? What do I want to do? What field do I want to go into? Am I taking the right classes? What am I doing with my life? The questions are bountiful and endless.

Perhaps thats why I choose to partake in the activities that I do now, so that I can forget about all those futuristic questions and focus on the present and now. But no matter how hard you attempt to avoid thinking about it, those little questions never cease to leave. They swirl around, creating one giant tornado of confusion, which causes a destruction of self confidence and reassurance. When I was younger, life was so much easier. I felt as if there was a path set ahead for me, I knew where I was going and what I was doing. Now here I am, sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who the person I’ve become is anymore.

Perhaps that is the reason for the poor choices that I sometimes make and perhaps the lack of self confidence and understanding of who I am contributes to these decisions. Because who isn’t scared of missing out on life? And who isn’t scared of making a wrong decision? There seems to me that there is so much I want to do, so much I want to achieve and yet there is so little time to do it. “You only got one shot, do not miss your chance to blow it because opportunity comes once in a life time.” 

I catch myself self doubting myself and constantly freaking out that I might have made a wrong decision. In reality I guess there’s no right answer to life and only a few wrong ones. Everyone always says, follow your heart. Well, GODDAMNIT if my heart could talk I wouldn’t be asking you or talking to you about it would I?! Ultimately, I just want to be happy. I just wish I knew how to earn that happiness. 

Perhaps I need to go read more about Buddha’s teaching as it is the path to enlightenment. 

The only relationship that will be eternal is the one with yourself

50 page study guide, 46 essay questions, one midterm.

South Asian Politics I will get this.

Today we take a moment.

Even if things suck, I promise you it’ll get better. 


Famous Fictional Twins of the Day

Mr. Whaite’s Movie Twins series


Famous Fictional Twins of the Day

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And perhaps we fail to see the pain and suffering of every person….
It is not our own struggles that make us human. It is every aspect, every struggle, every moment of joy, every speck of creation that make up our world and human civilization.
Today as our world witnesses a tragedy, we forget to acknowledge the pain and suffering the shooter must’ve went through that ultimately led to his decision today. It blows my mind when i even try to imagine his thought process. My heart goes out to all those families affected in this incident. During this final season, it is crucial to remember the importance of support for one another as we continue this journey in life. Love and cherish every moment, thats what this holiday season is supposed to be about. So thank you to all those who’ve supported me throughout these years and lastly thank you mom and dad for…..literally everything.

High thoughts are just deep thoughts put into place. The human specifies are so ridiculously complicated…